Mexico City By a local

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It´s the feeling of this place that makes me wanna be here. Is the energy of this people what i miss the most when i travel outside the country. My city, my home is one of those amazing places you have to enjoy at least once in your life to make your criteria of it.

It´s a common thing for me to travel outside the country and being the mexican defender of the real Mexico beside all the stereotypes we have as a nation.

Is it very danger? Yes and no. It is a city of 23 millions, so good and bad things happen as every place in the world.

But as individuals we all have different faces, and that´s a thing also for Mexico City. Actually i thing that the danger face people know about is just the minimal side of this place.

During the last years i´ve seen this city become a magestic metrópoli and a place where people can make their dreams come true. That´s why i live here, that´s why i still here.

I love to walk through this streets looking at people wondering what their dreams are. And the beauty of walking in this city is that colors are there to be beside all my thoughts. Also the music or traditional “organilleros” that make the environment a better place to be.

I like to walk while i´m eating an “elote con mayonesa and queso or esquites”, both very traditional snacks of corn, our  mexican gold.

I enjoy going out of my house and buy the fruit i´ll be eating that day. Totally fresh, colorful and delicious.

The parks are not full of danger, they´re full of children playing and running while their parents are having a “nieve de coco” or their favorite flavour. Yes, we love ice creams.

If i´m starving while walking in the city, there´s nothing like stopping at a “quesadillas” spot. Our quesadillas are better than they´ve told you. The most popular are the one of blue corn. You can put what ever you prefer in the inside. Try one just of cheese. Then try another variety. And don´t miss “Tlacoyos”, a kind big tortilla with beens in the inside and cheese in the outside. Put lot of salsa verde please.

As you can read, when i`m into mexican food it can go longer than anything.


This city is everything. We have ruins in our main big plaza. We have lot of markets to find whatever we need. We have museums to learn from the others. We have sounds of happiness. We have the best tastes of our mother nature. We have big buildings that make us dream in touching the stars. We have earthquakes that reminds us the fragility of life but also the power of a community. We have music that makes our hearts dance while we just walk. We have all you need to enjoy a full experience of travelling and learning from a culture that deserves a different face of a “danger place”.

Feel welcome whenever you want to come.

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